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Goals. Supports. Independence.

Community Supports is an agency driven to provide the best possible services for the individual. We strive to assist each individual with living as independently as possible in the community. 

Our goal at Community Supports Inc. is to provide safe and structured environments that allow the individuals we serve an opportunity to achieve their desire to live successfully in the community

Our team at Community Supports designs and facilitates the supports needed for each individual we serve. These personalized supports are further identified in the Individual Service Plan (ISP) better known as the individual’s My Plan

Some of the Supports We Partner with the Individual to Accomplish:

  • Goal-setting structured around the individuals needs, desires, hopes, and dreams
  • Support with personal care tasks such as dressing, meal preparation, laundry, and hygiene tasks
  • Assistance with shopping
  • Money management and banking assistance
  • Medication administration assistance
  • Support with scheduling and attending doctor and therapy appointments
  • Transportation to and from community outings
  • Coordination with pharmacies to fill prescriptions

Community Supports also provides Payee Services
Authorized Representative/Benefit Management Supports:

  • Representative Payee Social Security
  • Banking and Bill Payment Service
  • Support with individual budgets
  • Tax Filing