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Community Supports, Inc. is an agency committed to providing the very best supported living services to individuals with Developmental Disabilities. We bring many years of experience in providing a vast array of services in a community setting. Our mission is to provide innovative, practical, and top quality services that improve the way people are able to receive supports in the community.

Each situation is considered unique to the individual and our goal is to help develop the most appropriate and suitable situation that meets the needs of those served. We believe that individual choice is the most important element in establishing a meaningful living situation, including the selection of the provider, the service model, the location of the home, and the person to provide the direct services. Nothing in life remains static, therefore we believe that services need to remain flexible, thus allowing for individual change and personal growth. By adjusting to the ever-changing needs, we feel that individuals will be better able to determine what supports are necessary to give the person the greatest opportunity of continued success.

All persons are valued members of their neighborhood, wherever they may choose to live. Often times a person can become isolated in their own neighborhood and this is not acceptable. We believe, to the greatest extent possible, that developing the relationships with people of their choosing is an important factor contributing to a persons overall happiness and self worth. As true members of the community, people become involved in meaningful activities and events that stimulate growth and help a person to realize the potential each of us hold.

Community Supports should be considered the next evolutionary step in the services provided to people with various disabilities. While the traditional models of support, such as group homes and larger institutions, have long been accepted as an adequate means to receive services, supported living services provide an alternative to these models. A person need not graduate from a group home, as supported living services are designed to meet the persons needs outside the walls of the home. We believe that a quality service plan will reach far beyond the bounds of traditional models and that every person has a right to receive their supports in the least restrictive environment possible.

Specialized Supported Living for Individuals with Disabilities